Healing the waters of the Texas Bays

water fest

April 25, 2015, Wiv Luv partnered with the Texas Oystermen to heal the waters of the Lavaca Bay and inspire heart-based community action. Crash Alchemy Entertainment featured performance art and aerial dancing on the dredges of the oyster boats. Dr. Gerald Pollack, PhD delivered a lecture on the 4th phase of water and water memory. Creative Light Sound Productions demonstrated water cymatics, sound geometry. Myco-Alliance constructed floating bioremediation gardens with the aim of absorbing methyl-mercury. A 10 minute documentary was filmed by Adventure Video Co.so that we may cross-pollinate our ideas and inspire greater change in the health of the bays.

The ceremony featured world music and prayer with Indrajit Banerjee: sitar | Mohammad Firoozi: percussion & vocals | Andrew Collins Graham: piano | Jake Harrell: guitar
Zaalo Zarete & Melanie Rose: percussion | Amanda Raby: vocals and water wedding ceremony officiant

The event was produced by Amanda Raby, Wiv Luv founder and Creative Director and Brook Roselle, Wiv Luv Production Manager. Additional gratitude to Agent Red: Crash Alchemy Director, Misa Soliz: Production, Poet Powell: Choreography Coordinator, Fizgig Bates: Crash Alchemy Production, Randi Southard: Costuming, Jack Motley: Audio Equipment, Chris Caballero: Audio Engineer, Mauricio Blanco: Lead Captain, Daniel Reyes: Mycologist, Alan Raby: Kayak Captain


Coming Soon - 2016


Special thanks to our sponsors:

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Anna and TayLove, Austin Jephson, Kevin Brink, Vonda Criswell, Giles and Mitzi Rusk, Caterina Provost/Smith, Jeff Sharp, Irene Carranza Jaan, Ruckus Roboticus, Clare Scallon, Jon Morgan, Kate Simpson, Miranda Jane, Derrick Gilday, Michelle Lopez, Brandon Jones, Michael Christian, Chad Fisher, Jean-Michel Dentand, Liz Thomson Ophoven, Beth Morgan, Pascale Evans, Patrick Labay, Tom, Roberto Costa, Alissa Brandon, Justin Cook, Sarah Johnston, JB Sigmon, Joe Cuniff, Wesley Finder, Grayson Lee, Roger Questel, Leigh Smith, Kay McHaney, Camille McHaney Easton, Brian Powell, Dana E. Crawford, Polly Motley, Misa Militia Soliz, Brenda S Miles, David Vasquez, Vera and Joe Wiatt, Jonie Morgan